SOVA is a single engine, low wing airplane, with completely metallic semi-monocoque airframe, four seats in side-by-side configuration and fixed landing gear. Time-tested classic, flown for over 40 years and now modified, in its most luxurious version comes equipped with gorgeous leather seats, fully integrated dual Garmin G500  and air conditioning

MTOW (normal)1200[kg]2645.5[lb]
Empty weight780[kg]1719.6[lb]
Wing span9.804[m]32.2[ft]
Lycoming IO-390-A3A6
Maximum continous power154.4[kW]210[hp]
Cruise power (75%)115.8[kW]157.5[hp]
Economy power (65%)110.4[kW]136.5[hp]


UTVA LASTA is a modern, piston-engine driven, full-aerobatic military trainer aircraft, with tandem seating arrangement, two wing hardpoints and low acquisition and operation cost. Intended for elementary and basic flight training it replaces two or even three training aircrafts during a training course.

Maximum horizontal speed @ S/L 320 km/h 173 kts
Stalling speed, Flaps up, engine idle 120 km/h 65 kts
Stalling speed, Flaps landing position, engine idle 110 km/h 59 kts
Maximum rate of climb @ S/L 8,5 m/s 1670 ft/min

Bubble canopy allows for unimpeded field of view, hemispherical, forward, rear and above, but also the unimpeded vision downwards, critical for attack training and low level navigation, with 2° reserve visibility of approaching runway from the front seat.

LASTA’s high level of equipment and performance (especially rolling rate), coupled with the capability of using light and practice weapons (weapons training, CAS/COIN, air patrol) and low cost of acquisition and operation make Lasta a unique aircraft in its category.

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