UTVA LASTA is a modern, piston-engine driven, full-aerobatic military trainer aircraft, with tandem seating arrangement, two wing hardpoints and low acquisition and operation cost. Intended for elementary and basic flight training, but also for training in use of classical unguided weapons and early stages of advanced training, it replaces two or even three training aircrafts during a training course. Used properly, within an intense and integrated course, it delivers high quality training, without the additional cost and time needed for transition training, wrong learning and relearning, therefore achieving massive cost saving.

Maximum horizontal speed @ S/L320 km/h173 kts
Stalling speed, Flaps up, engine idle120 km/h65 kts
Stalling speed, Flaps landing position, engine idle110 km/h59 kts
Maximum rate of climb @ S/L8,5 m/s1670 ft/min
Service ceiling6300 m20.700 ft
Take-off distance over 15 m (50 ft) obstacle440 m1440 ft
Landing distance over 15 m (50 ft) obstacle560 m1840 ft
Endurance3.5 hours
Max. T-O weight (aerobatic)1215 kg2679 lb
Max. T-O weight (utility)1450 kg3179 lb
Empty weight905 kg1995 lb
Length8 m26.2 ft
Wing span9.7 m31.8 ft
Height3 m9.8 ft
Wheel track2.3 m7.4 ft
Lycoming AEIO-540-L1B5
Six cillinder
Boxer configuration
Air cooled
Direct injection
Maximum continous power220[kW]300[hp]
Cruise power (75%)165[kW]225[hp]
Economy power (65%)132[kW]180[hp]
Two bladed
Constant speed
Maximum RPM2700[rpm]

Safe and suitable for cadets

Aerobatic engine and propeller, with instantaneous change in power delivery on demand, set Lasta apart from its turbo-prop counterparts, and together with its great handling characteristics, make this aircraft very safe and suitable for the unexperienced cadets.

Completely digital cockpit with analog backup instruments and high level of redundancy features two screen displays (PFD and MFD) and engine and fuel monitoring instrument for each seat, with individual hands-on throttle and stick for both the student and the instructor.


Modern construction

Bubble canopy allows for unimpeded field of view, hemispherical, forward, rear and above, but also the unimpeded vision downwards, critical for attack training and low level navigation, with 2° reserve visibility of approaching runway from the front seat.

LASTA’s high level of equipment and performance (especially rolling rate), coupled with the capability of using light and practice weapons (weapons training, CAS/COIN, air patrol) and low cost of acquisition and operation make Lasta a unique aircraft in its category.

LASTA is designed by TECHNICAL MILITARY INSTITUTE and manufactured by UTVA AIRCRAFT INDUSTRY LTD and is currently in the late stages of certification process under EASA CS-23 specifications in aerobatic and utility category.

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