KERBER Remotely controlled weapon station 20/3 mm

The RCWS 20/3 mm KERBER is armed with a 20 x 110 mm gun effective at ranges up to 2000 m, and equipped with up-to-date optoelectronic sensors controlled by a power unit i.e. a motor with zero-backlash gear reducers providing easy control and better accuracy at all ranges.

Being a low-signature weapon, it is primarily mounted on vehicles, but it can also be installed on ships, fast patrol boats, or stationary structures. The three guns provide massive firepower to the system (1800 rds/min) against aerial targets (helicopters, transport aircraft, slow low-flying aircraft, UAV’s, cruise missiles, paratroopers etc.), seaborne targets (mobile and stationary vessels), and ground targets (light armored vehicles, transporters, command posts, logistics support bases, enemy troops etc.).