Machine gun container

A machine gun container integrates a well-known 12.7mm caliber. Equipped with standardized mounting lugs, it can be installed on helicopters, as well as on other aircraft intended to provide close air support to ground forces.

The container mounting points comply with both NATO and Russian (GoSt) standards. The distance between the mounting lugs, according to the NATO standard, is 14 ” – 355.6 mm, while according to the Russian standard, it is 255 mm.

It is intended for the destruction of enemy manpower, unarmored vehicles, as well as the destruction of poorly fortified defended positions.

It has the ability to destroy by azimuth and elevation. It also has the ability to collect ammunition links.

  • Caliber: 12,7mm
  • Maximum precision
  • Firing rate: 860 rounds/min
  • Integration with Airbus software
  • Lower coefficient of resistance
  • Air cooling of machine gun barrels