120 mm Mortar M75

General data Light mortar 120 mm M75 is a light-weight weapon of infantry close support, designed for annihilation of manpower, destroying of firing points during artillery preparation of attack and for defence of a supported unit. It is particularly effective on intersected and hilly terrains where the enemy may be hidden by a rear slope. The mortar can effectively open breaches in wire barriers or mine fields, demolish lighter fortifi-cations and remove top soil covers over heavy bun¬kers. The mortar is also well suited for combat against mechanized units, by destroying their infan¬try. It is also suitable for making of smoke screens and for target illumination at night.

Light mortar 120 mm M75 is appropriately used by infantry battalions. There are-two models of the 120 mm mortar.

Mortar M75 may be transported:

  • towed by motor vehicle

  • towed by single animal using proper harness

  • by animal pack with three animals

  • by helicopter, without additional accessories

  • parachuted by cargo parachute with pallet

  • man-carried, dismantled to sections and using man pack carriers, over short distances

  • in snow or in the mountains, dismantled to sections and moved by sleds

  • loaded on motor vehicles for long distances

  • transported by rail or sea.