Remote Controlled Weapon Station with 12.7mm HMG

RCWS armed with 12.7 mm HMG represents a modern weapon system intended for integration with light multi-role armored vehicles.

Remote controlled weapon station comprises:

  • Fighting section of the station placed on a vehicle

  • Control–command block with FCS and the electronics for electromotor drive placed inside the vehicle.

The firing section of the station comprises:

  • Armoured mount movable only in azimuth (electromotive drive) and machine gun cradle with 12.7 mm machine gun movable only in elevation (electromotive drive)

  • Optoelectronic block (housing) connected to the machine gun cradle axis and ammunition box with the capacity of 180 rounds placed on the right side of the armoured hull.

  • Inside the armoured hull electromotor reduction gear for weapon station drives in azimuth and elevation.

Optoelectronic block is comprised of:

  • Laser range finder

  • Day sight channel for opservation and aiming – CMOS camera

  • Night channel for observation and aiming – thermal camera

  • Control command block is located inside the vehicle and it comprises:

    • command block with controls for camera selection and

    • control sticks with joystick for moving the weapon station in elevation and azimuth

Integrated RCWS dramatically increases total vehicle firepower, situation awareness and crew survivability. Observation and engagement of targets can be done in daylight and night conditions at long ranges, due to high resolution CMOS camera, thermal imaging camera and laser rangefinder.

Targets can be engaged with fast and accurate machine gun fire due to advanced integrated FCS featuring ballistic computer with automatic reticule generation.