Services – Defense


Metal cutting as a part of our services of prototyping, individual, small series and serial production of parts, subassemblies, assemblies, finished products and the most complex systems and devices for military and civilian markets using:

  • The most modern CNC lathes and CNC milling machines,
  • Older generation CNC and NC lathes and milling machines,
  • Universal lathes and milling machines,
  • Pillar drills,
  • Sander for circular and straight sanding,
  • Cutting materials with a water jet,
  • Cutting materials with hydraulic shears,
  • Cutting material with a saw, etc.

We are able to organize all types of production in a short period of time according to the technical documentation of the client and / or a sample, and based on the assessment of the machining capacity.

Metal cutting can be done on various steel alloys, on aluminum and aluminum alloys, on bronze, brass, copper, wood, industrial plastics, etc.

The advantage of “Utva Aircraft Industry“ is the possibility of manufacturing dimensionally large and massive elements and products on NC and CNC lathes (LxWxH): 

  • 4500 mm x 1800mm x 480 mm;
  • 1600mm x 800mm x 800mm;
  • 4000mm x 1000mm x 1500mm i
  • 2500mm x 1700mm x 1800mm.


In addition to metal cutting, we also provide a service of manufacturing parts by plastic deformation and / or welding, according to the client’s technical documentation and / or a sample.

Types of plastic deformation:Ugaono savijanje (apkant presa),

  • Types of plastic deformation:
  • Angular bending (abkant press),
  • Pressing,
  • Extraction,
  • Circular bending using rollers and
  • Punching and cutting on hydraulic, pneumatic and mechanical presses, etc.

Utva Aircraft Industry owns a hydraulic press with a hydraulic cushion force of 8000t and its dimensions of the working space 2000mm x 1200mm, with a maximum extraction depth of 400 mm.

We provide service of welding of black steel, stainless steel, aluminum and aluminum alloys and cast iron by MIG, MAG, TIG, REL and spot welding.


The production of the most complex systems and devices would not be possible without adequate heat treatment and surface protection procedures. Most of the modern technological procedures in this area are very successfully used and developed in Utva AI. The following heat treatment procedures are currently in use:

  • soft annealing and normalising,
  • smelting
  • tempering and
  • hardening.

In the field of surface protection, the following procedures have been developed:

  • painting,
  • tanning,
  • phosphating and
  • allodination (D3 protection).


Utva AI has many years of experience in designing aircraft and parts for the aircraft industry, and in the last three years, the designing of parts and systems of weapons and military equipment has been developed. Also, there is a possibility of so-called reverse engineering that involves measuring the shape and dimensions of objects and reconstructing their 3D models.


We offer a service of making prototypes according to the client’s documentation or according to the documentation that was developed in Utva AI in agreement with the client.

Prototype production is suitable in cases when it is necessary to check the functionality of the model produced in a short period of time and without significant investments, in order to determine possible discrepancies between the prototype (technical) documentation and the desired model.

UTVA AI can also provide final prototype testing if required by the client.