Other services


Aircraft and aircraft components design

Our experienced team has worked on a great number of aircraft with design solutions that are time-tested and operational, therefore, we are able to perform a complete service of designing and meet our customers’ requirements.
Our project organization has been approved by the Directorate of Civil Aviation under the number RS.21J.N.005.


As part of our project organization, we deal with a comprehensive project cycle through a conceptual, preliminary and detailed project. We are able to offer you only a part of the mentioned cycle as well as a revision of an already existing project.


In addition to this, one of the items of our project organization is designing systems for special purposes such as surveillance systems, systems for aerial photography, or some other special systems for civil and military purposes that require a Supplemental Type Certificate (STC).

Modification, alteration and repair design

If you need to make changes to the aircraft or possible repairs for which you need professional help, consultation or an airworthiness certificate (instruction for continuing airworthines), our constructive and high-performance team can help you.

Testing of aircraft and aircraft systems on the ground and in the air

As experienced producers of aircraft that we have designed and tested ourselves, we offer you the service of testing the aircraft on the ground and in the air. Whether you have made a repair or modification, or have been approved a supplemental type certificate, you need to validate the solution in order to prove safety. Our flight test department and airworthiness department can help you with the airworthiness certification process.

We are equipped with devices for testing all general category aircraft systems. We perform inspections and testing of mechanical and electrical systems in order to prove airworthiness for newly designed aircraft or due the modifications or repairs.

Extending the life of aircraft

One of the characteristics of the product is its lifespan. It is certainly important for a product such as an airplane to have a longer lifespan. Our experience in monitoring the life of metal aircraft, determining periodic inspections and testing of the structure, as well as the analysis of the occurrence and spread of cracks has led to the fact that we can predict the remaining life of an aircraft. Our project team can successfully examine all possible critical places with an increased risk of defects and propose a solution to eliminate the risk of failure, which could extend the life of the aircraft.

Voltage condition measurement service, dynamometers

We have the adequate equipment and professional staff so we can perform the following measurement services:

  • Measuring the voltage state with measuring tapes;
  • Measuring forces up to 1000N;
  • Temperature field measurement up to 1100C;
  • Measurement of CO concentration in vehicles;
  • Brightness measurement.

In addition to these services, we also perform specific measurements with special equipment that we can modify according to customer’s wishes and needs.