Technical publication

Technical publication for model UTVA 75A21

Service bulletin no.ContentDate of issueApplicable toAvailability
DО–20–03Replacement of communication radio device KY195B BendixKing, which is no longer in production.18.06.2021.All airplanesOn request
DО–20–02Replacement of ADF KR 85 BendixKing, which is no longer in production.21.06.2021.All airplanesOn request
DО–20–01Replacement of flight data instruments (six pack) which are not produced anymore. 09.04.2021.All airplanesOn request
61New exhaust manifold with heat exchanger installation
23.03.2018.All airplanesOn request
60Propeller fairing reinforcement30.09.2004.All airplanesOn request
58Additional cylinder head temperature thermocouple installation15.04.2003.All airplanesOn request
57Replacing of imported side-lights with the domestically-made16.01.1995.All airplanesOn request
56Accelerometer installation01.07.1993.All airplanesOn request
54Additional rib holes opening and stringer cutting in integral wing fuel tanks20.07.1992.All airplanesOn request
52Slant stringer installation in frame No. 3 area, beneath the centerwing leading edge12.11.2002.All airplanes / N/AOn request
51Cabin ventilation system modification20.07.1992.All airplanesOn request
48Microphone and headphones jack replacement20.07.1992.All airplanesOn request
47Front deflectors modification14.01.1988.All airplanesOn request
46Sheet metal decoration installation over the lower box of door frame10.05.1987.Serial no. 53262 and laterOn request
45Skin reinforcement installation in frame No. 3 area, beneath the centerwing leading edge17.03.1987.All airplanesOn request
44New exhaust manifold with heat exchanger installation20.07.1992.All airplanesOn request
43Cabin door safety lock pin replacement17.02.1987.Airplanes from serial number 53262 and onOn request
42Cabin door jettisoning command locking and hinges modification17.02.1987.All airplanesOn request
41Engine deflector modification07.01.1987.All airplanesOn request
40Bolt type change in frame No. 11 assembly04.11.1986.All airplanesOn request
39Rudder deflection delimiter extension11.06.1985.All airplanesOn request
38Instrument light dimmer replacement11.11.1985.All airplanesOn request
37New overvoltage relay installation26.04.1985.All airplanesOn request
36New battery installation and battery box modification19.05.2003.All airplanesOn request
35Mixture control Bowden cable installation and special screw replacement26.04.1985.All airplanesOn request
34Nose gear command rod and nose gear assembly pulley support modification 12.02.1985.All airplanesOn request
33Calibrated hole bushing installation in mano-vacuummeter air supply hose10.12.1984.All airplanesOn request
32Replacing of handset09.04.1984.All airplanesOn request
31“Z” profiles installation on “L” profiles – centerwing far-end reinforcement01.12.1983.All airplanesOn request
30New pitot-tube installation04.04.1983.All airplanesOn request
29Alternator failure signalization relay installation08.09.1983.All airplanesOn request
28Air intake side lid control installation21.06.1983.All airplanesOn request
27Rudder torque tube assembly joint strengthening and bumpers installation21.06.1983.All airplanesOn request
26Change of control rod Bolender coupling locking16.11.1982.All airplanesOn request
25Rubber profile installation on instrument panel12.04.1983.All airplanesOn request
24Nose leg strut cross-section enlargement from Ø18×1 to Ø20×1,506.10.1982.All airplanesOn request
23Slide door hatch cutting on cabin doors06.10.1982.All airplanesOn request
22“L” profile installation between frames No. 9 and 1112.04.1983.All airplanesOn request
21Centerwing far-ends reinforcements installation12.04.1983.All airplanesOn request
20Back harness length adjustment09.04.1982.All airplanesOn request
19Stiffener installation in adjustment screw assembly on frame No. 1112.04.1983.All airplanesOn request
18Installation of sheet metal decoration over lower cabin doors frame12.04.1983.All airplanesOn request
17Centerwing far-ends reinforcements installation09.04.1982.All airplanesOn request
16Flexible instead of ribbed hoses installation for heat/vent/air condition/engine air systems20.08.1981.All airplanes where pilot would carry parachute 
15Replacing ball joints on throttle and RPM lever20.08.1981.All airplanesOn request
14Replacing of blue light filter with red one on radio compass illumination lights27.04.1981.All airplanesNA
13Signal switchlight for booster pump additional cable installation15.05.1981.All airplanesOn request
12Trottle and RPM lever locking mechanism adaptation27.04.1981.All airplanesOn request
11Cabin door bumper installation27.04.1981.All airplanesOn request
10Headphones holding hook installation27.04.1981.All airplanesOn request
9Left door rearview mirror installation27.04.1981.All airplanesOn request
8Parachute back-support installation in place of seat back-support for flights requiring backpack parachute27.04.1981.All airplanesOn request
7Additional system for ventilation and leaflets throwing installation27.04.1981.All airplanesOn request
6Improvement of glider hook releasing handle27.04.1981.All airplanesOn request
5Safety pin for cabin door lock during flight installation27.04.1981.All airplanesOn request
4Engine injector air intake side lid spring installation27.04.1981.All airplanesOn request
3New maintenance door on the upper engine cowling27.04.1981.All airplanesOn request
2Bonding of felt between frames 1 and 207.01.1981.All airplanesOn request
1Nose gear support struts stiffening16.04.1981.All airplanesOn request
Service bulletin no.ContentDate of issueApplicable toAvailability
59Nose leg reinforcement in engine mount joint bushings area and central mount root extensions area30.07.2004.All airplanesOn request
55Front fuselage – horizontal stabilizer mount replacement22.03.1993.All airplanesOn request
53Nose leg support strut replacement21.03.1994.All airplanesOn request
50Centerwing front spar assembly and auxiliary wing spar assembly reinforcement20.07.1992.All airplanesOn request
49Centerwing edge rib reinforcement installation and mount replacement21.03.2003.All airplanesOn request

Technical publication for model UTVA 75A41M

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