UTVA-75A41M SOVA is an upgraded version of the UTVA-75 airplane, intended for initial training and selection, taxi, sport flying, tourism and more. Optionally, it can be used for reconnaissance, aerial photography, and can also carry light or practice weapons if properly equipped.

SOVA is a single engine, low wing airplane, with completely metallic semi-monocoque airframe, four seats in side-by-side configuration and fixed landing gear. It features a 120 cm (47 inch) wide cabin, with adjustable seats and pedals for the pilot and the student/co-pilot and ample room for passengers.

Time-tested classic, flown for over 40 years and now modified, in its most luxurious version comes equipped with gorgeous leather seats, fully integrated dual Garmin G500 (dual VOR/LOC/GS/ADC, dual VHF radio) and air conditioning, offering top of the line safety, redundancy, parallelism in training and comfort in its price class. Flight data recorder (integrated with G500 and MVP-50P) and a cockpit voice recorder, indispensable for debriefing and analysis, as well as DME are also available on demand.

Powered by a four-cylinder, 210 hp air cooled Lycoming IO-390-A3A6 engine and a constant speed two-blade metal Hartzell HC-C2YR-1BFP/F 7894 propeller, it strikes a great balance between performance and fuel economy. Leaned properly, SOVA sips less than 35 l/h (9.2 USG/hour) of 100LL avgas, making long flights (over 4 hours, with a full tank) easy on your wallet.

SOVA, designed and manufactured by UTVA AIRCRAFT INDUSTRY LTD, is in the certification process under EASA CS-23 specifications in normal and utility category.
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Key features:
    • Time-tested, rugged, and reliable workhorse aircraft, now with four seats, sleeker and more comfortable than ever before.
    • Side-by-side seating configuration, with redundant glass cockpit, ideal for cadet grading (selection) and elementary flight training.
    • Low acquisition and operation cost.
    • Low landing and take-off speeds, excellent handling, fixed landing gear, suitable for beginners.
    • VFR day/night and IFR flight plan and operations, only in non-icing conditions.
    • Durable all metal, semi-monocoque airframe, suitable for use in high and low temperature and saltwater regions, easy and inexpensive to repair.